Jimmy Cliff- "You can get it if you really want" Notes

This is all the major points for the categories of:

  • Resources
  • Structure
  • Texture
  • Tonality
  • Harmony
  • Melody
  • Rhythm and Metre

For this set work. There is also some background info as well:)

For each point, if there needs be, I have also put examples like bar numbers next to them.

Relative? Means whether you can include this point in the 10 marker essay, eg what rock steady features are there? I have put REL next to the background info if that is relevant as well.

I hope this helps x

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Recorded in 1970 REL
Written by Jimmy Cliff but was sung by Desmond Dekker REL
Jamaican Rock Steady (an early form of reggae)
Lyrics are motivational for a life of struggling against poverty and oppression REL
Point Example Rel?
Resource -Lead male vocal
s -Backing female vocals Y
-Two guitars- muted rhythmic picking
-An organ- gentle pad Y
-Bass guitar Y
-Drums and snare
Structure -Intro, chorus, V1, repeat to first chorus, V2, chorus,
Instrumental, chorus, coda/ fade out
-Verse/chorus structure Y
-Emphasis on chorus Y
Texture -Intro: Trumpets in unison then in thirds
-Voices are homorhythmic in the choruses
-Homophonic textures in rhythm section to support vocal
line "You'll Y
-Stop time at end of chorus- allows positive words to be succeed at
clearer last"
Tonality -Db maj
-No modulations Y
-Whole tone scale in instrumental section in whole note -b39&43
Harmony -Most of piece is based on three primary diatonic chords of Y
Db maj I (Db) IV (Gb) V7 (Ab7)
-Ab7 chord usually at the end of each chorus and the Y
chord before the penultimate chord as well
-Odd moments of unrelated chords (Fmin and E maj) -b22&37 Y
-Backing vocals have close harmonies Y
-Parallel whole tone -b43
-Bass in root position mainly Y
Melody -Conjunct mainly
-Titular hook based on three note figure F, Eb, Db -b4-5 Y
-Chorus based on the pentatonic scale Db, Eb, Gb, Ab, Bb Y
-Verse keeps the same ideas of the chorus Y
-Narrow range with falsetto -b43
-Phrases two bars long
-Many phrases start on second beat of bar Y
-Syllabic with some melisma -b34 "try"
-High tessitura
-In instrumental and fade out, brass plays melodic hook
Rhythm -Emphasis on backbeat Drums Y
and -Medium slow tempo Y
Metre -The last quaver of each bar in the bass is a leading note Y
emphasising first beat
-Bass has steady crotchet beat Y
-Syncopated Y
-Drum fills have triplet semiquavers -b17 Y
-Triple, steady crotchets on `try' emphasising struggle -b10-11 Y

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This is amazingly organised!!! I made my notes in a similar way, but I didn't do the REL thing... This is super helpful. 


Very helpful!!

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