Desmond Dekker- you can get if you really want

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  • Desmond Dekker- You can get if you really want
    • Harmony
      • Introduction: Moves in semitones : C and Db
        • Verse uses wider range- F minor chord used
      • Uses Primary chords: Db, Gb and Ab(7)
        • Bass moves in Whole tone scale -
          • All chords played in root position
      • Chorus alternates- Db and Gb. Ends in V IV V(7) I
        • Instrumental uses unrelated E and D Major
    • Melody
      • Main Title hook use three notes: F, Eb, Db
        • Second half uses remaining notes of pentatonic scale Bb and Ab (c)
      • Most Phrases start on the second beat of the bar
        • Bar 25 - verse 1/2 falsetto used in lead
      • Word setting mainly syllabic... Try is melismatic
        • Male vocal is lead, backing vocal is female
    • Texture
      • In intro, trumpets begin in unison- then in thirds
        • Voices
      • backing vocals drop out at stop time( after try)
        • instrumental riff in unison- homophonic throughout
        • Melody-dominated homophony
    • Structure
      • Verse Chorus + instrumental and middle 8
        • Played In reverse with chorus dominating ( x4)
      • Introduction  Chorus           Verse
        • Structure defined by repeiion of chorus
          • Only contrasting section is the middle 8
    • Rhythm
      • Bass plays on first beat of the bar in contrast
      • emphasis on back beat, 2 and 4
      • it is in common time 4/4
        • Drum fill features triplets and uses cross rhythm technique
          • only plays at the end of phrases
    • Tonality
      • Remains in  Db Major throughout
        • Apart from unrelated keys of E and D major in instrumental


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