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Jean Baptiste Colbert
Theme 3: The Contribution Of Royal Ministers…read more

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Colbert's Responsibilities
He was a member of the inner council
1665: was made controller general of finances
1664: In charge of building projects
1669: Secretary of the navy and royal household
He was also patronage of the arts…read more

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Colbert's Contribution In Commerce And
1665: founded the Van Robais Woollen factory, employing 2,000 people
He helped textile merchants to deport English & Dutch merchants
Subsidised lacemaking and silk production
Foreign craftsmen were bribed to settle in France
Protective tariffs were introduced
Privileges were awarded for new methods of making and preparing leather and glass…read more

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Colbert's Contribution In Internal Trade
Spent 6000,000 livres on the improvement of roads
7,500,000 livres were spent on the Canal Duex Mers; linking Bordeaux with the
A postal system was set up with 800 post offices were created
A determined attempt was made to eradicate the numerous internal tolls and tariffs
When travelling from one Provence to another, merchants would have to pay taxes
Therefore, this made goods more expensive to sell when they reached their destinations so
more people traded locally to save money…read more

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Colbert's Contribution In State Finance
He reduced the net yield of the taille from 42million to 35 million a year
This meant that the peasants could afford to pay again next year
Indirect taxation increased from 36million a year to 62million
The financial yield quadrupled, increased by 400%, between 1661 and 1672
The crown achieved a budget surplus; it was taking in more money than it spent
Increased La Gabelle so the nobles paid more
Reduced corruption so the crown received more of its money…read more

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Colbert's Contribution In International Trade
He set up four trading companies; East India Company, West Indies Company, Company of
the North and the Levant Company
Private enterprise did increase through 329 in 1664 to 648 in 1704
These trading companies could not compete effectively with the English & Dutch Merchants…read more

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