Progress of War Manufacture 1793

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  • France in War (11)
    • New manufacturing
      • developed to increase supply of gunpowder
      • factories and workshops across the country issued with manuals on how to manufacture steel.
      • weapons manufacture began in Paris in Oct 1793
      • professional training centre for 800 studentsset up at Meudon
    • Commanding officers
      • Saint-Just replaced 'aristocratic' generals with new, younger 'roturier' commanders where committed to revolution
      • total of 17 generals executed in 1793
        • including Custine- who had led French forces to Rhine.
          • Accused of passing secrets to enemy
        • Houchard included (had commanded Army of the North since August 1792)
          • for failure to pursue the enemy
      • to replace them Carnot found Jean-Baptiste Jourdan to command Army of the North
        • Saint-Just found Louis-Lazare Hoche to command Army of the Moselle in Oct
          • As well as Jean-Charles Pichegru- appointed as commander of division of Upper Rhine.
      • Overall, Carnot improved the situation of army
    • Military materials
      • Saint-Andre (former Protestant pastor) given task for reorganising France's naval defences.
      • materials requisitioned, produce and animals re-allocated
      • military recruitment and training stepped up
        • France had over a million men in arms by 1794 and 14 armies were well-trained and supplied
          • Discipline tightened and representants-en-mission saw morale was kept up and loyalty maintained
    • French victories
      • In Sept 1793, siege of Dunkirk lifted
      • October, Battle of Wattignies was won by Jourdan and Carnot; 3 Austrian regiments destroyed
      • Armies drove back invaders in the Pyrenees and on Alpine Frontier
      • Internal counter-revolutionary and federalist revolts crushed in autumn 1793
      • In Oct CPS proclaimed: 'the cowardly satellites of tyranny have fled before you'


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