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The Brontës at Haworth
By: Jessica Winter & Abby Forbes…read more

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A rural village in
Bradford, situated in
the borough of
Yorkshire, England.
Haworth…read more

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Patrick Brontë (Papa)
· Born: 17 March 1777
· Died: 7 June 1861
· Occupation: Anglican curate of the parish of Haworth,
poet and a writer.
· Facts:
· Married Maria Branwell in 1812. Had six children; five
girls and a boy.
· He had many eccentric habits and strange theories
towards education.
· After the death of his wife, her sister Elizabeth came to
help raise the children so later he decided to focus his
efforts on helping the sick and poor, leaving the
children with Elizabeth and their maid.…read more

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Maria Branwell (Mamma)
· Born: 15 April 1783
· Died: 15 September 1821
· Married Patrick in 1812 on the same day her
sister, Charlotte, also tied the knot.
· She is known to have died from cancer of the
stomach.…read more

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Maria Brontë (the first child)
· Born: 23 April 1814
· Died: 6 May 1825
· She attended Cowan Bridge School, an all girls
boarding school, much like Lowood institution
described in Jane Eyre. There she suffered
cruel conditions and mockery from pupils and
· She died at the very young age of 11 of an
advanced case of tuberculosis.…read more

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Elizabeth Brontë (the second child)
· Born: 1815
· Died: 15 June 1825
· Elizabeth attended the same school as her
sister, Maria where she was treated similarly
and suffered the same fate.
· She was comparatively less advanced than her
siblings however he untimely death prevented
us from knowing her capability.…read more

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A useful contextual research to enhance understanding of the Brontes and their situation; enables to consider text within the context of production.




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