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Is there
any life in
Vivien Sch…read more

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Mrs Gren
History of Telescopes
Solar System
The Universe
Big Bang
Gravitational Effects
An Eclipse
Thanks for watching!…read more

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Mrs Gren
M= Movement
R= Respiration
S= Sensitivity
G= Growth
R= Reproduction
E= Excretion
N= Nutrition…read more

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History of Telescopes…read more

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History of Telescopes
History of telescopes begins in 1608
when the first refracting telescope was
invented in Netherlands by spectacle
maker Hans Lippershey. News about
this amazing invention spread quickly
and reached Galileo Galilei in 1609.
After hearing about this invention, he
constructed an improved version of
the telescope.…read more

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Galileo Telescope
Galileo's first telescope had a very simple design. It consisted
of a tube, a convex objective lens and a concave eyepiece
lens and could magnify objects approximately 30 times.
Because the objective lens bends or refracts light beams, this
telescope was called a refracting telescope or refractor.
Galileo's telescope had flaws in its design. The spherical shape
of the primary lens made the images blurry and distorted.…read more

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