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2. Introduction
3. Benefits
5. Risks
7. Summary and conclusion
8. References
The argument towards the statement `Is sunbathing good for you' is very controversial
several studies have taken place, which have agreed with either side of the argument. The
controversy of this topic is due to its many benefits alongside its risk, the main question an
individual has to ask themselves is whether the benefits outweigh the risk or the risk
outweighs the benefits.…read more

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Vitamin D
When exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun a
chemical change occurs in your skin to makes
vitamin D. Vitamin D is vital for bone growth
and development. Vitamin D helps to absorb
calcium and also helps the body keep the right
amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood.
Vitamin D deficiency is becoming increasingly
more common and a recent study in the UK
shows that more than half the adult population in
the UK has insufficient levels of Vitamin D.…read more

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The possible main reason why people are
exposing themselves to the suns UV radiation
is down to looking good. Having a tan is said
to make people feel better about themselves
and be more confident. Getting a tan has
been now easier than ever due to the
increased number of sun beds (picture to the
left).…read more

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UV rays. Therefore the darker your skin the less likely you are to be affected by the
The longer you spend in the sun also affects the extent of the damage, some people can last
in the sun longer than others, and everyone's different. Skin cancer can run in the family and
therefore, if you have a family history of such diseases you are likely to be more vulnerable
than others.…read more

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It is thought that the ultraviolet component of solar radiation may speed up the
clouding of the lens. I would advise mostly avoiding sunlight exposure at midday, wearing a
hat and sunglasses." Says Dr Delcourt who led the research in Sete.
Sun beds
Even though sun beds are an easier
way of getting a tan, they still hold the
same risks of the suns natural radiation.
The risk of skin cancer and formation
of cataracts is just as serious as
sunbathing outside.…read more

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Skin Cancer Becoming an S Vital for the
increasing t production of
problem and i several
can lead to m hormones
death. u which have
l important
a functions,.…read more

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8| Page…read more

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In this report I have mentioned both the benefits and Risks from sunbathing. Both sides of
the argument have strong importance and it is hard to suggest that one outweighs the other.
I have showed that sunlight is vital for several reasons e.g. for the stimulation of the pineal
gland, therefore stopping exposing yourself altogether would be impractical.
The risks of sunbathing are also very serious and both sun burn and skin cancer can lead to
death.…read more


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