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Global warming is the continuing rise in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere and oceans.  It is caused by increased concentrations of green house gases in the atmosphere resulting from human activities.  Greenhouse gas is a gas in an atmosphere that absorbs and emits radiation within the thermal infra red range. Carbon dioxide is a colourless odourless incombustible gas formed during respiration combustion and organic decomposition Methane is an odourlesss colourless flamable gas CH4 the major constituant of natural gas that is used as a fuel and is an important source of hydrogen.  Drought is a long period with abnormally long rain fall that adversely affects growing or living conditions.  Certification is a transformation of arable habitable land to desert as by changing climate or destructive land use.  Global warming could change many things tablets and drugs wont be resistant, there will be weather change and droughts.  More malaria being carried by mosquitos.  Crops wont grow and large areas of land will turn into desert.  Theories explain how or why things happen or what things are like


There are many different types of energy such as glucose, electricity, gas, oil, water, fossil fuels, methane, wind power, chemical, kinnetic, solar, magnetic, heat, steam, light and nuclear.  Energy cannot be destroyed.  Transducer is a device made to transfer energy to make something out of energy.  Potential energy is another word for stored energy.  Potential energy terms:  gravitational, chemical, elastical, thermal, nuclear and electrical.  Energy transfer terms:  movement, kinnetic, wave motion, heating, thermal, light/radiation.  Transfer terms:  LED bulb, buzzer, loud speaker, motor, microphone, battery.  Energy is conserved but can be wasted when transferred to surroundings.  Energy is measured in joules.  Energy can be saved by people using buses, trains, use less amplification, clear electric, LED, reduce light wattage, put the amplifier sound lower, use solar power, cut down on audience travel and take out unnecessary lighting and effects. Modern wind power wind turbines are used to create power.  Electricity from light - the power stations are used to create these.  Hydro electric power stations create hydro power dams.  Solar heating is created from solar panels on your roof.  Geo thermal heating is created by underwater volcanoes.  Main sources of energy at the moment are fuels, fossil fuels and fuels that grow as plants.  There are 2 key ideas for a new renewable energy system one is that a generator transfers energy well to storage with a lot of energy but the best renewable storage was solar.  But the obvious problem is that the storage would not have enough space.


New substances with different properties are made during chemical reactions and element is only one type of atom but a compound is two or more different types of atoms chemically joined together.  Here are some examples of elements and compounds:   Oxygen is an element and so is copper.  Copper oxide and copper sulphate are compounds.  Sulphuric acid is also a compound.  Small groups of atoms are called molecules. …


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