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Study Aim Method IV DV
Loftus and Palmer To look at the effects of leading Laboratory EXP 1: Verb in critical question: EXP 1: Estimate of speed in mph
questions on memory experiment smashed, hit, bumped, contacted,
collided. EXP 2: whether the participants said
EXP 2: Verb in critical question:…

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Rosenhan To see if sane people can be Field experiment/ Did not manipulate any independent STUDY1: Number of people diagnosed
incorrectly diagnosed as insane. To participant variables and the number of days spend in the
test the validity of the DSM4 observation hospital. Experiences, thoughts and
feelings on being in…

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Maguire To see the effects of extreme Quasi Experiment Whether the participants had passed Result of the MRI brain scan, measured
spatial navigational experience on the knowledge and were taxi drivers or by Voxel based morphology or pixel
hippocampal volume not. counting.

Piliavin To investigate into what variables Field Experiment…


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