CORE STUDIES: Aim, method, IV and DV

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Study Aim Method IV DV
Loftus and Palmer To look at the effects of leading Laboratory EXP 1: Verb in critical question: EXP 1: Estimate of speed in mph
questions on memory experiment smashed, hit, bumped, contacted,
collided. EXP 2: whether the participants said
EXP 2: Verb in critical question: they saw broken glass or not
smashed, hit, no question about speed (
control group)
Baron-Cohen To provide support for a cognitive Quasi Experiment Whether participants were Normal, Had Whether participants made mistakes or
explanation of autism by proving Tourette's or had autism or Asperger's not on the eyes task test
that autistic adults lack an syndrome Score on the Happe Strange stories
advanced theory of mind task
Savage Rumbaugh To study language acquisition in Quasi experiment Whether the chimpanzees were Vocabulary quisition
two pygmy chimpanzees and two common or pygmy Scores from formal tests
common chimpanzees. Describe
the first instance that a non human
species has a quired symbols
without being specifically trained
towards that goal.
Bandura To investigate the mechanisms of Laboratory Whether the children were in the Whether the children showed:
the social learning theory and To experiment aggressive, no- aggressive or control Imitative aggressive acts
see if aggression learnt in one group. Partially imitative aggressive acts
setting could be transmitted to Whether they had a male or female Non-immitative aggression
another place model and whether it was a same sex
model or not
Freud To prove Freud's theory on the Case Study N/A N/A
Oedipus complex and on how
phobias develop
Samuel and Bryant Challenge Piaget's findings on Laboratory 1. Age of the children Number of errors made by the children
conservation in children by altering experiment 2. Material used e.g. number, in each condition
his method used. mass, volume
3. Condition e.g. standard, one
question or fixed array

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Rosenhan To see if sane people can be Field experiment/ Did not manipulate any independent STUDY1: Number of people diagnosed
incorrectly diagnosed as insane. To participant variables and the number of days spend in the
test the validity of the DSM4 observation hospital. Experiences, thoughts and
feelings on being in the hospital
STUDY2: social interaction data. The
amount of times staff spoke to
patients.…read more

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Maguire To see the effects of extreme Quasi Experiment Whether the participants had passed Result of the MRI brain scan, measured
spatial navigational experience on the knowledge and were taxi drivers or by Voxel based morphology or pixel
hippocampal volume not. counting.
Piliavin To investigate into what variables Field Experiment 1. Race of the victim 1. How quickly someone helped
would cause or inhibit helping 2. Type of victim the victim
behaviour 3. Effect of the model either early 2.…read more


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