Irregular Present Tense Verbs

Some of these verbs are important to know

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Irregular Present Tense Verbs
andare ­ to go
io vado I go
tu vai you go (singular, informal)
lui/lei va he/she goes
noi andiamo we go
voi andate you go (plural, informal)
loro vanno they go (plural, masculine/feminine)
avere ­ to go
io ho I have
tu hai you have (singular, informal)
lui/lei ha he/she has
noi abbiamo we have
voi avete you have (plural, informal)
loro hanno they have (plural, masculine/feminine)
bere ­ to drink
io bevo I drink
tu bevi you drink (singular, informal)
lui/lei beve he/she drinks
noi beviamo we drink
voi bevete you drink (plural, informal)
loro bevono they drink (plural, masculine/feminine)
dire ­ to say
io dico I say
tu dici you say (singular, informal)
lui/lei dice he/she says
noi diciamo we say
voi dite you say (plural, informal)
loro dicono they say (plural, masculine/feminine)
dovere ­ to have to
io devo I have to
tu devi you have to (singular, informal)
lui/lei deve he/she has to
noi dobbiamo we have to
voi dovete you have to (plural, informal)
loro devono they have to (plural, masculine/feminine)
essere ­ to be
io sono I am
tu sei you are (singular, informal)
lui/lei è he/she is
noi siamo we are
voi siete you are (plural, informal)
loro sono they are (plural, masculine/feminine)

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­ to do
io faccio I do
tu fai you do (singular, informal)
lui/lei fa he/she does
noi facciamo we do
voi fate you do (plural, informal)
loro fanno they do (plural, masculine/feminine)
giocare ­ to play
io gioco I play
tu giochi you play (singular, informal)
lui/lei gioca he/she plays
noi giochiamo we play
voi giocate you play (plural, informal)
loro giocano they play (plural, masculine/feminine)
potere ­ to be able to
io posso I can
tu puoi you can (singular, informal)
lui/lei può…read more

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­ to go out
io esco I go out
tu esci you go out (singular, informal)
lui/lei esce he/she goes out
noi usciamo we go out
voi uscite you go out (plural, informal)
loro escono they go out (plural, masculine/feminine)
venire ­ to come
io vengo I come
tu vieni you come (singular, informal)
lui/lei viene he/she comes
noi veniamo we come
voi venite you come (plural, informal)
loro vengono they come (plural, masculine/feminine)
volere ­ to want
io voglio I want
tu vuoi you…read more


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