Italian Grammar - The Subjunctive

Table of informative key subjunctives and some examples of their usage

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Congiuntivo Presente
The present subjunctive of regular verbs is formed by dropping the normal endings, and
adding these new endings:
-ARE -ERE -IRE (2nd)
Sing. Plural Sing. Plural Sing. Plural Sing. Plur.
-i -iamo -a -iamo -a -iamo -isca -iamo
-i -iate -a -iate -a -iate -isca -iate
-i -ino -a -ano -a -ano -isca -iscano
In the other hand, most irregular verbs that change stem in the present conjugation
change stem in the "congiuntivo".
The table below provides examples of three regular verbs conjugated in the present
subjunctive tense.
Che+Pronoun -ARE Verb -ERE Verb -IRE
che io parli scriva senta capisca
che tu parli scriva senta capisca
che lui/lei/Lei parli scriva senta capisca
che noi parliamo scriviamo sentiamo capiamo
che voi parliate scriviate sentiate capiate
che loro/Loro parlino scrivano sentano capiscano
Typical phrases that call for the subjunctive tense include:
Credo che... Non suggerisco che...
(I believe that...) (I'm not suggesting that...)
Suppongo che... Può darsi che...
(I suppose that...) (It's possible that...)
Immagino che... Penso che...
(I imagine that...) (I think that...)

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Non sono certo che...
(It is necessary that...) (I'm not sure that...)
Mi piace che... È probabile che...
(I'd like that...) (It is probable that...)
Non vale la pena che... Ho l'impressione che...
(It's not worth it that...) (I have the impression that...…read more


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