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Unit 1
Information & Communication
The Internet and Intranet…read more

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The Internet: Facts
The Internet is a network of networks;
that is all the computers connected
It in itself does not contain information
but provides transport links for
information to pass between services…read more

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The Internet: Advantages
Allows an organisation to communicate
with others outside the organisation (e.g.
customers, clients) through:
WWW (their Website)
Electronic Mail (E-mail)
Grow trade locally, nationally and
internationally…read more

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The Intranet: Facts
A private network website used within an
Generally viewed using a browser
Uses the same protocol as the WWW but
can not be accessed by the public
Only authorised users can log on to use the
Intranet…read more

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Uses of the Intranet
Used to share information, to communicate and
to aid discussion by means of bulletin boards
and messaging facilities
Types of info circulated:
Internal documents
Internal policies
Information for Personnel…read more

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