Intellectual Property Scandal

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Intellectual Property Scandal
In 2006, Noam Galai
snapped a photograph
of himself screaming.
He uploaded the picture
to Flickr. But around
2008 Galai began to
notice that his own face
was appearing in
various countries, used
on consumer products
such as tshirts and in
graphic design, such as
posters, often
embodying an angry
reaction to injustice. Galai found his visage in Iran,
Mexico, England, and Spain. What happened was, people
on Flickr saw his image and copied and manipulated it for
their own use without his permission, (see above). The
image is now a cultural icon and Galai could have
potentially made lots of money.
Galai could have avoided this by patenting his photograph,
but how would he have known it would become so
significant? Galai and many others like him have been
cheated in this manner and patenting your intellectual
property could prevent this.


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