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Computing: Last Minute Revision
Hardware is the electrical components/circuits a computer is assembled from; the platform upon which the
software is executed.
Software is sequences of instructions called programs which are understood and executed by the
Moore's Law: The number of transistors than can be integrated into a chip…

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- Internal clock: derived either directly or indirectly from the system clock;
- Internal buses link the PCU, ALU and the registers together;
- Logic gates used for flow control.
General-Purpose registers are not assigned a specific role by the processor designer; programmers may
use these.
Dedicated registers are assigned…

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A hyperlink links one web page to another.
Hypertext is a body of text and graphics stored in a machine readable form and structured so that a reader
can cross refer between related items of data.
A web browser displays a web page by rendering its HTML elements.
A website…

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Type Selectors select HTML elements to follow a style rule. Their general format is:
selector { property : value }
Where selectoris the HTML tag to be styled, and propertyis the attribute of the tag to which the
value is to be assigned.

Examples of type selectors:

An embedded style…

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is used to bolden text

Protects intellectual property;
Copyrighted work can only be used/copied with owner's permission (Exception for education purposes);
Design right gives you protection from someone copying your original design;
A patent protects how an invention works or what it…

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Under this act, it is an offence to intercept a message sent via a public or private telecoms system
But security and intelligence services are exempt from this act.

A code of conduct is not a law. If you break the code of…




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