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Influence of the Home
Material Deprivation poverty and its effects on education attainment
Poorer parents are unable to by educational toys, computers or books. They may also
not be able to buy a home in the catchment of a successful school.
Poverty can lead to cramped housing means less space for homework, harder working
environment and illnesses spread easier.
Children are also more likely to need parttime jobs puts strain on their learning time and
will finish school at the earliest opportunities
Ethnic groups than tent to under achieve also are on low income. For example over 70% of
Bangladeshi and 50% of Pakistani children grow up in poverty. In comparison only 20% of the
white population and 30% of Indians grow up in poverty.
Cultural Deprivation failure of the socialisation process and the impact this has on
The values, expectations and norms within their culture transmitted through the home.
Child raising practices and the impact of family structure Asian groups tend to have a
high achievement rate possible linked to the closeknit extended family
Single parent families in black Caribbean communities tend to have lower achievement
rates possible explaining the under achievement rates and why girls tend to do better.
Lower social classes tend to be more fatalistic ­ leading to lower expectations and
Lower working class children are more likely to emphasise immediate gratification
Middle class children tends are more comfortable with deferring gratification

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Linguistic Deprivation limitations and inadequacies in a person's use of language may
undermine their education success (unable to use Standard English)…read more


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