Material Deprivation and Class

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  • Material Deprivation and Class
    • Definition: a lack of those physical necessities that are seen as essential
    • Flaherty 2004:
      • Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are over 3 times more likely to be in the poorest 1/5 of the population.
      • Unemployment is 3 times higher for African/Bangladeshi people.
      • 15 of ethnic minorities live in over-crowded accommodation whereas it's 2% of whites.
      • Bangladeshi/Pakistani women are more likely to be engaged in low-paid, home-making, sometimes for as little as £1:50 an hour.
    • Swann Report: Social class accounts for 50% of ethnic differences in achievement.
    • Gillborn and Mirza: social class factors don't override the influence of ethnicity.
      • Even black children do comparatively worse at GCSE.


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