Influence of Childhood Experiences on Adult Relationships.

Notes on the influence of childhood experiences on adult relationships, including the 'Continuity Theory' put forth by Bowlby. Appropriate research examples and evaluative points are given.

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Relationships -
Influence of childhood experiences on adult relationships:
Individuals differ in their relationships: some are content in long-term
relationships, while others prefer more short-term, less intense associations.
There are those who seem `lucky in love', and there are those who seem to lurch
from one unstable relationship to another.…

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strong correlation between childhood and adult relationship patterns:
for example, insecure-avoidant types doubted the existence of love,
feared closeness and found it hard to forgive; insecure-resistant types
were intensely emotional, jealous and untrusting; and secure types
believed in love, were very trusting and liked being close to others. These


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