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Psychology unit 3 relationships revision

The effect of childhood on adult relationships

Description- attachment types and adult relationships

One theory suggests that adult romantic relationships are derived from our
childhood attachment type. The attachment forms the internal working model which
influences our expectations about relationships as adults. It follows that…

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Psychology unit 3 relationships revision

Main shows that the attachment types can change and an insecurely attached
mother may not produce an insecurely attached child. This means that other
factors are influencing a child's attachment and adult relationships.

Fraley did a meta analysis and found correlations of 0.1 and 0.5…

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Psychology unit 3 relationships revision

Correlational research which means that we can't be sure if teenage
relationships are the actual cause of different types of adult relationships

Deterministic as it suggests that individuals have no free will over their adult
relationships and that their childhood determines their adult relationships.


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