In Place of strife 1968

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In Place of strife 1968-69 under Wilson
In '66 Castle was promoted to become the minister in charge of labour
She set about tackling what was generally seen as the largest problem facing the conomy;
the behaviour of the unions
Difficult due to the relationship between the labour party and the trade unions and the
prominent role that the unions played within the economy
What it proposed
Introduced a series of legal restrictions on the right of workers going on strikes
They would have to be balloted in secret and agree by a large majority to strike before it
would be considered legal
The minister would have powers to impose settlements in inter unions disputes and could
order a ballot before strike actions
A compulsory 28 day pause before a strike before strike action
In return there would be an industrial relations court
Immediately caused eep divisions between the left of the party and the centre since the
labour party had always stood up for the rights of the workers and their unions
Chancellor Callaghan resigned and the cabinet was split
In the end it ws killed off when it was pointed out that labour not afford to alienate the
unions as they provided the bulk of Labour party funding
Replaced by an agreement with the trade unions congress titles `a solemn and binding
agreement' by which the unions promised to monitor strikes and use its influence to settle


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