Labour and Conservative

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-1964-70- Harold Wilson

-1970-74- Edward Heath

-1974-76- Harold Wilson

-1976-79- James (Jim) Callghan

Wilsons (1964-70, Labour)

-EEC- failed to get in

-Trade Unions- 'In place of strife', huge oppoistion so never passed. Callaghan main driving force behind opposition, split party

-Economy- said no devaluation but, Nov 1967 had no choice, Callaghan resigned and Jenkins took over. !968, tough budget but, in 1969 Balance of Payments surplus so, wage restraits ended. Inflation increased showing failur to stop 'stop-go' econmy

-Social reforms;

  • Race Relatons Act (1966 and 1968)
  • Aboltion of Death Penalty (1965)
  • Abortion Act (1967)
  • Sexual Offenders Act (1967)
  • Family Planning Act (1967)
  • Criminal Justice Act (1967)
  • Theaters Act (1968)
  • Divorce Act (1969)

-General election 1970- Conservative win due to tough budget, not true socialists, Enoch Powell, social reforms

Heath (1970-74, Conservative)

-'Selsdon Man'- aimed for a return to traditional conservative valves. Smaller role for state, tougher on…


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