Wilson, 1964-1970

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 Wilson, 1964-1970

·         Wilson came to power with a new progressive image for Labour – this was a positive comparison to the huntin’-shootin’-fishin’ aristocratic Douglas-Home who was out of touch – Wilson was from a less privileged background and was younger, seen as modern with his pipe and openness to the “swinging sixties”

·         Labour increased their vote share by only 0.3% so their victory was more down to decreasing Tory popularity as their vote share had decreased by 6%

·         The cons were seen as weak and lacking control – EEC rejection, scandals, unemployment at 870,000 in 1963

·         Wilson promised a “white hot technological revolution”


·         Economic difficulties balance of payments deficit of £373 million – Department of Economic Affairs under George Brown drew up National Plan to modernise – initial success stimulating 1966 election victory and majority of nearly 100 – but few targets ever met and plan abandoned by 1977 – IMF loan only a stopgap – lost control of finances –