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Poem: In Paris With You
Subject: Love (How it isn't always perfect)
Themes: Heartbreak, dealing with the aftermath of a long term relationship.
Messages The effect of a heartbreak and rebound. The narrator just wants to enjoy the moment rather
: than thinking of the future or the…

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After the reader highlights the difference in stanzas it is noticeable that something has changed
between the poet and his feelings towards relationships. With the fact that the poet is on the
rebound, the use of the physical desire changes the reader's point of view on the poet. As the…

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The poem is written in the first person and addresses a lover. There are lines that hint at a
conversation with a lover, but the reader only hears one person's side of the dialogue: 'Yes I'm
angry' and 'Am I embarrassing you?' The poem seems even more intimate; the reader…

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The poet continually refers to himself: 'I've had an earful', 'I'm one of your...', 'I'm angry'. The poet
also seems to be very self-absorbed and this is highlighted with 'I'm a hostage' and 'I'm
maroonded'. With the use of the first person this means that the reader feels as if…

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Instead the speaker concentrates on the 'sleazy/Old hotel room' with its 'crack across the ceiling' in
which the 'walls are peeling'. These details are unique to the narrator's experience of being in Paris
with a lover - 'I'm in Paris with the slightest thing you do' - which sums up…

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the poem it seemed a long term relationship and although the poet was obviously heartbroken from the relationship,
it seems that this love was not true love. Both poems focus on the fact that many relationships even good ones as
they may contain an element of unhappiness. The male speaker…




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