Romeo and Juliet-Juliet


Juliet, featuring labels that highlight her as headstrong, decisive and passionate

Juliet Capulet is a young and innocent teenage girl, but she is also decisive, passionate and headstrong. When the audience first meets Juliet, it is at her father's party. Here, she meets Romeo and flirts with him, not knowing he is a Montague. Juliet is completely smitten with Romeo and when she finds out he is a Montague, she is devastated. However, knowing her own feelings, she decides to speak to Romeo more and when he reveals his true love for her, she persuades him to promise his love and they arrange their marriage.

When Romeo is banished for killing her cousin Tybalt, she is devastated. She feels very confused but knowing how she feels for Romeo, she forgives him. During the mourning period for Tybalt's death and Romeo's banishment, Juliet's father tells her she is going to marry Paris. She refuses and takes drastic action to secure her relationship and future with Romeo by faking her own death. When she wakes up


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