Imperfect Subjunctive

imperfect subjunctive explanation

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Imperfect subjunctive
It is translated as `were doing'.
To form the imperfect subjunctive you have to take the
infinitive of the verb and then add personal endings.
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
conjugatio conjugatio conjugatio conjugatio
n n n n
To carry portare To teach ­ docere To drag trahere To hear audire
I portarem docerem traherem audirem
you portares doceres traheres audires
He/she portaret doceret traheret audiret
we portaremu doceremus traheremu audiremus
s s
You (pl) portaretis doceretis traheretis audiretis
they portarent docerent traherent audirent
E.g. spectaret (she was watching)
A normal verb would be spectabat


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