Impacts of an aging population

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Impacts Of An Aging Population
Social Economic Political
Production of specialised equipment, such as Increased demand for certain agerelated Political parties can develop policies
glasses, hearing aids, motorised wheelchairs and goods, such as mobility scooters, means more specifically at older people as there are a large
hip replacements has increased so more jobs have people are spending large sums of money to proportion of the voting population are elderly.
been created to supply this demand. care for themselves or others. The retirement age is increasing to increase
Older people are now increasingly keeping their participation in the work force of those aged 50
Positive own teeth so they do not have to handle false to 70 years old. Therefore pensions do not
teeth. have to be paid until later in life.
It is likely for an older community to have a low
crime rate as they are less likely to break any laws.
Elderly people have more facilities available to
them so they have a better quality of life.
As people are living longer, more people are There are more agerelated diseases affecting Taxes will rise to cope with the spending on
getting agerelated illness. 30% of the UK elderly the population so funding has to increase to bills for pensions and healthcare.
develop dementia before they die. Age is the single the healthcare system for treatments, daily Governments will need to spend time
greatest risk factor for many lifethreatening care, residential homes and social services. processing new policies to accommodate with
diseases, as for example a tumour is 100 times Of the money spent on the NHS, one third of it the aging population, which is costly
more likely to develop in a person aged 65 than a is spent on hospitals and community health
person aged 35. services for people over 65.
There is a demand for housing as life expectancy In the future, there will be an increase demand
has increased. Therefore houses are occupied for on dental care as more people have their own
longer. teeth. This will mean the dentistry sector will be
Pensioners are less likely to receive generous spending more.
pensions than previously so do not have as much
to spend on things they require like heating,
healthcare etc.

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Impacts Of An Aging Population
Family relationships are weak due to divorce and
lack of mobility, so older people become lonely…read more


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