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Topic Three: Does it make sense to talk about the
patriarchal family?
The Impact of Paid Work

This handout will help you in the following essay questions:

How has paid work impacted the division of labour in the house? (24 marks)

(Can also be used with questions surrounding the division…

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Silver and Schor: The Commercialisation of Housework (Patriarchy no
longer exists)

Silver and Schor stress
the importance of two
major developments in
reducing the burden of
housework on women:

Housework has
Goods that housewives
used to produce
themselves are now
mass produced and supplied by supermarkets
Freezers, microwaves,…

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The concept explained:
Feminists argue that the household is still a patriarchal environment where
men benefit from the women's earnings and their domestic labour.

Ferri and Smith show...
Increased employment for women outside of the home has had little impact
on the division of labour.

Even when the wife works…


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