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Immunology…read more

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Antigen and Pathogen
­ A foreign protein found on surface of cell
­ a disease-causing organism…read more

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Phagocyte recognises antigens on pathogen
Cytoplasm of phagocyte move and engulf it
Pathogen now in vacuole in cytoplasm
Lysosome containing enzymes fuse with vacuole and break
down pathogen
Phagocytes presents pathogens antigens on surface to
active other immune system cells…read more

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Cellular and Humoral Response
­ T-cells and other immune system cells that they
interact with
­ B-cells and the production of antibodies…read more

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Cell mediated immunity
­ Infected cell presents antigens on surface
­ Protein receptors on certain T-cells are a complimentary fit
­ Activates T-cells to divide by mitosis ­ clones
Some release substances to activate B-cells
Specific and lower response ­ takes time to find the
right t-cell for the antigen…read more

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Humoral response
B-cells have different membrane bound antibodies
and meets a complementary shaped antigen and
binds to it
B-cells are activated
B-cells divide (plasma/memory cells) by mitosis to
produce clones
Some release substances to activate B-cells…read more

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This clearly written PowerPoint presents key terms and facts for the topic of immunology  in a concise, need to know manner. There are some annotated diagrams included. The slides could be printed out and usefully used as revision cards. 

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