Immigration in Britain 1940 - 1970

A little essay about the life of immigrants in Britain from 1940 to 1970 and how they have helped shape society.

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The experience of immigrants coming to Britain between the
1940's and 1970's has been an uncomfortable and difficult one...

Immigration became a main part of Great Britain from the 1940's up to the
1970's. People came from all over the world seeking a better life, and so lots
of people…

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As the years passed, the amount of immigrants in Britain increased. In the late
1950's, British people started to express their views towards immigration. The
strong economic growth had started to falter and jobs were becoming scarcer.
British people felt that immigrants were to blame for the low amounts of…

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Yet it was not just the public's views that were changing. A well respected and
influential politician called Enoch Powell did a speech in 1968 called the `Rivers
of Blood'. In his speech, he widely criticised immigration and was indirectly, yet
purposefully racist. He said that if immigration did not…


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Well researched and interesting explanation of the changing role and nature of immigration and its impact on the UK. A very good starting point for revision of this topic.



thanks so much for this document. it was mega useful






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