Idioms for French Essays/Orals

Just a collection of useful idioms, particularly for talking about a book or film - I am studying Un long dimanche de fiancailles and L'etranger but I'm sure they'd be apt for other books/films

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J'ai dévoré ce livre = I have devoured/loved this book! (Probably more apt for orals)
Faire écho (chez) = to resonate (with)
à savoir = namely
à coup sûr = without fail e.g. it impresses readers without fail.
à l'écart = alone
avoir l'air = to seem
c'est à dire = that is to say
ça crève les yeux /cela saute aux yeux (que) = it's obvious/plain to see that
cela en dit long sur = that says a lot about
comme de juste = as might be expected
un coup d'oeil = insight
coup sur coup = in rapid succession
d'entrée de jeu = right from the start
dans l'embarras = in trouble
de fil en anguille = one thing leading to another
démarrer en flèche = to start with a bang (eg film if apt)
dès = as far back as/right from eg it is filled with action right from the start
dire en bon français = to tell it straight (a good expression for Meursault if you are
doing l'etranger as the book!)
donner lieu à = to give an opportunity for/to give rise to
du coup = as a result
en plein jour = in broad daylight
en quête de = in the search of
en tout cas = in any case
être sans histoire = to be unremarkable
eu égard à qqch = taking sth into account
faire acte de = to make a show of
faire du bruit = to cause a stir

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état de = to take into account
il y va de = it's a question of
parler à bâtons rompus = to make small talk
pour ainsi dire = so to speak
quant à = as for
sans fard = plainly/openly
sur le coup = at the time
suspendre au lèvres de qqn = hanging off someone's words
tout arrive = anything's possible
vendre chèrement sa peau = to not give up easily…read more


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