Idiographic and Nomothetic essay plan

A plan for the Idiographic and Nomothetic debate relating to the synoptic element of Psychology B Unit 4 Debates question.

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Idiographic and Nomothetic plan
Idiographic- applied to one person, subjective
Nomothetic- applied to general population, objective
Should psychology have general laws? Debate was formed to answer this question
No two humans are the same; individuality
Case studies- unique to the individual
Self report studies- subjective, in depth, qualitative
Greater ecological validity
Researcher bias- how the researcher perceive the data
Demand characteristics
Not generalisable to a wider population
Person centred therapy: bring ideal self and real self together- work on aligning self concepts
Human rights:
People can't self actualise s crime has gone up, recession, Maslow's hierarchy, positivity
Explains behaviour in a modern contemporary society
General laws
Absolute answer/truth for human behaviour
Lab studies/experiment- quantitative, comparison of data
Get qualitative data and quantify- graphs, trends, patterns, hypotheses
Operationalise behaviour- measurement value- aggression
Measures hormone levels
Applicable to every topic
Psychodynamic goes in the middle
Interactions with parents- idiographic
Psychic determinism- Oedipus, Electra- nomothetic


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