DEBATES A2 Pyschology - Key help for the exam

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Nature Nurture - to support this debate you can use Schizophrenia. For nature, the biological aspects e.g the dopamine hypothesis. For nurture you can use the Schizophrenogenic mother aspect of the topic. You can also use the Gender topic. For nature you can use studies such as Money and Erhardt and for the nurture you could use Diamond

Free Will and Determinism - For this one its best to focus on the biological and environmental determinism but you would also need to say something about free will. You could use mood disorders to support this. For biological determinism you could use the biological explanation (Put in Goodwin and Guze and then say not 100% concordance rate) and for the environmental you can use the behaviourist explanation (lack of unconditional positive regard). For free will you would have to say that this gives the implication that we choose to be depressed which is clearly not the case for the vast number of people who suffer. You can also use Gender. For environmental determinism you can use behaviorist approach to gender and for biological you can use the…




thanks, do you have any notes on psychology and science debate? this is the debate i am most struggling with :(



Ive got a powerpoint which is called "Is pyschology a science?" but yuo can get it from this website   goodluck! :)