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Human Nature ­ Is human nature individualistic, universal
or diverse?
The individual decides what values they hold
Can be supported by biology or psychology ­ as we have all have
different physically appearances and also different behaviours. The
argument from Biology is quite weak as our physical…

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i. Our Nature is Reason ­ Plato
We are essentially rational beings ­ this separates us from the rest
of the world, higher than other animals
We are born with this rationality ­ it is innate in our soul that existed
before us
The human condition of ignorance…

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Hobbes believes the only way to enforce this `Law of Nature' is by
the creation of a sovereign, as they can punish those who transgress
the rules.
However.. the sovereign may punish people for their own good as
well, and not for the good of the people. Hobbes…

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