The Nature of Human Being

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  • The Nature of the Human being
    • Hobbes
      • State of Nature
        • matter in motion
        • human being is a machine whose activities are inertial movements
        • mind operating on mechanical systems
        • governed by passions. Naturally greedy and violent
        • desire or need - fulfilled without rational thought
        • self interested - purpose to preserve his own existence and seek his own advantage
      • Reason
        • extend of our selfishness
        • rationality makes us survive
          • we do not let our passions govern ourselves
      • society
        • a stronger figure in order to create peace and no fight thanks to laws
      • Natural law theory
        • natural parts of our human essences are more important than the politic ones
        • CRITICISM
          • locke - humans do not lose the right to live, to enjoy life
    • Rousseau
      • State of Nature
        • man's original conditions was marked by natural goodness, self sufficiency, radical freedom and amour de soi
        • noble savages
          • humans naturally kind and by instinct not violent
      • Fall (birth of sociality and private property)
        • greedy, violent and jealous
          • human more selfish and egocentric
        • qualities of reason and amour propre
          • human more selfish and egocentric
        • reason
          • radical problem of man's behaviour
          • cause by which they started to compare themselves
          • killed the pity and the compassion in ourselves
      • however: civilisation and language useful for innovation even though he hated capitalism and private property
      • bogus social contract
        • based on individual wish
      • genuine social contract
        • based on general will
        • his environment can't make him act badly


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