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What is Family?

· While `family' is hard to define most people have an idea of
what it should be like
· In most societies it is a form of social organisation for raising
children and supporting people both financially and emotionally
· Family has its origins in…

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A Sociologist's View of Family:
` There is no definition of family that everyone accepts, but there is
agreement about the role of the family in society and what it should
do. It should be responsible for reproduction, socialisation, providing
affection and personal support. In particular, the family has a…

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· Very close emotional bonds exist within it as there are so few
people involved in the unit
· Parents tend to be more concerned with making a good home
for their children to have the best upbringing

3. Single / Lone parent Families

· Between 1972 and 2002 children…

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6. South Asian Families

· Immigrants to the UK have had a huge impact on the types of
family we recognise as common
· Traditionally, these are large extended families led by male
· Often, families lived together in large houses allowing them to
keep costs down and start…

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How important is family to the individual?

1. Social and Economic Changes to Family Life
· The traditional family was based around strict values and
attitudes needed to survive
· Men and women had roles focussed on their gender ­ men to
go to work, women to take…

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Different attitudes to the family

3 changes to lifestyles have caused major disagreements in society.
These are changes in attitudes to divorce and marriage, gender roles
and child rearing and the care of the elderly

· In the UK today more than 40% of marriages will end in…

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· However, divorce means that there are less unhappy
marriages. To many people, that is worth the concerns listed

Gender Role and Child Rearing

· Gender roles are the jobs that people are expected to do
based on whether they are male or female
· Until 50 years ago…

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Care of the Elderly

· This problem has arisen as the life expectancy in the UK has
risen due to better diet, access to clean water, improved
healthcare and medical advances
· The older people are the more they need help and care,
both in terms of their mental and…

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Is there an ideal family?

· Freedom of choice in terms of family is now acceptable in the
UK but there are arguments for and against this

Argument 1: For
· A range of households is right for our society today. Most
modern societies are made up of…

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· They have also made it possible for homosexual couples to
adopt and have a more traditional family
· Varied families are accepted in society and the UK is much
more tolerant. However, most hang onto the idea of a
traditional family as the ideal
· Most people who divorce…


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