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1. How well prepared was Nixon for achieving peace?
During his years as Eisenhower's vice president, Nixon had an exceptional apprenticeship in foreign
affairs, frequently travelling abroad and meeting leaders of many nations. He was present during
Eisenhower's foreign policy debates and had thorough education in problems of Vietnam.


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public opposition. He adjusted the draft so those over 2o0 were no longer threatened which
temporarily decreased protests. He also used speeches to keep the home front quiet and on 3
November 1969 delivered one of his best. He asked for time to end the war. The speech won

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Diplomatically Nixon's first initiative was the April 1969 suggestion of secret Washington Hanoi
negotiations. In May Nixon offered Hanoi new peace terms offering simultaneous withdrawal but
Hanoi was not impressed

As he was making little progress with Hanoi Nixon turned to Moscow and in October put pressure on
the Soviets…

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By the second half of 1972 Nixon was running out of time and money. He asked congress not to
damage his negotiating capabilities and said that just walking away from Vietnam would lead to a
blood bath for former Thieu supporters and would be the height of immorality.
In October…

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Although Kissinger and Nixon believed in detente, they thought it was dangerous if the Soviets and
Chinese thought America was weak and they were probably right.
Even Nixon's critics have to admit that he got the American troops out of Vietnam. He did not always
get very much thanks for…


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