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How significant were the personalities of the contenders to succeed Lenin in accounting for
Stalin's defeat of his opponents in the years 1924-9?

Defeat of Bukharin

· 1928 Stalin turned against NEP

· S adapted policies of the left he had just defeated

·Bukharin supported the NEP, which made him…

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Control of Party Membership:-

o Allowed him to get rid of more radical elements- students and soldiers- who were
like to support Trotsky.
supervised the `Lenin Enrolment' of 1924 and 1925 where the party almost doubled to a
million members
the members were young urban workers poorly educated ex-peasants who…

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carefully followed the course of the debate and invariably voted with the majority alter
his theories according to those he could recognise as popular
At the end of the 1920s he decided to go for rapid industrialisation and the majority of
party members supported thishis policies matched what they had…


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