How do Juries qualify?

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1. How do Juries qualify/selected? (How are they trained?)
Must be aged between 1870 (do not have to serve if over 65)
Jurors are selected randomly from the Elector Roll so must be eligible to vote and
must be resident of UK for at least 5 years since 13th birthday.
Sent a letter by Central Summoning Bureau and must attend or seek to be
excused. Heavy fine for failing to turn up as Contempt of Court
Disqualified if serious criminal record ­ received a Prison sentence in last 10
years or community service in last 5
Illegible if serious mental illness
Can only avoid service if you write and ask ­ have to show why e.g. sitting
exams, very young baby most end up with deferral to do it some other time
No training but sent a booklet explaining duties and may be shown video in court
Summoned for 2 week period and once served wont be called for 10
Prosecutor or defendant can challenge jurors for a particular reason
(challenge for cause) e.g. defendant or witness knows juror
When juror summoned police run checks for disqualification ­ criminal record. Otherwise
just check background and political views if terrorist or security trail but need permission
from Attorney General to do so.


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