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How Did Hitler Remove Rival
James Hayes…read more

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The Reichstag Fire
· At 21:25, a Berlin fire
station received an alarm
that the German
parliament building (The
Reichstag) was on fire.
· The fire started in the
Session Chamber.
· By the time the police and
fire brigade arrived the
building was engulfed in
flames.…read more

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Why Where The Communists Blamed?
Reason 1: Reason 2:
· Van der Lubbe was a · Witnesses of the fire said
communist caught that they saw
panting and sweating communists leaving the
near the Reichstag shortly building.
after the fire was started.
· He was found with a bag
full of flammable
materials.…read more

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Why where the Nazis Blamed?
Reason 1: Reason 2:
· An underground tunnel · Goering accepts
led to the Reichstag. responsibility for the
· Stormtroppers where
seen forcing Van der
lubbe to start the fire.…read more

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How Did It Help Hitler Remove His Rivals?
· Hitler used the fire as an advantage to be able
to blame the communists.
· He thought that people would support him
not the communists.…read more

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The Enabling Act
· The enabling act of 1933 meant that the
powers of legislation where taken away from
the Reichstag.
· The powers where given to Hitler for four
years.…read more

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