The Rise of Nazism

How the Nazis rose to power

For Nazi control and life under the nazis, see my document 'The Nazi Regime'

(For Weimar republic, see The Weimar Government 1919-29)

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Rise of Nazism
Why was Hitler able to dominate
Germany by 1934?…read more

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Abolish ToV
Destroy Marxism Destroy Weimar govt
Conquer Challenge terror/ violence
Lebensraum with own terror/ violence
Rearm Germany
What the
Nazis stood
for in the Strong central govt
Remove Jews from 1920s
all positions of
leadership in Ger Increase pensions
No non-Germans important
to be newspaper Educate gifted
children at states industries
expense…read more

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Early Nazi leaders
· Ernst Röhm: 1921 set up and ran SA, gay
· Josef Goebbels: 1933 = minister for Propoganda, crippled
foot ­> limp
· Heinrich Himmler: 1929 = leader of SS, 1936 took over
Gestapo, SS ran concentration camps
· Rudolf Hess: 1932 = deputy leader of Party, intimate friend
of/ worshipped Hitler, thought of as "the conscience of the
· Hermann Göring: 1923 put in charge of SA, helped set up
concentration camps, became head of Luftwaffe (air force),
organised German war effort during Battle of Britain…read more

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Nazi growth
· Nazi party based in Munich, but Hitler's reputation began to spread
outside Bavaria
· Nazis published own newspaper
· Tense, strained period 1920-23 ­> Nazis got support from extreme
nationalists and anti-communists all over country
· Seemed to be group most likely to do something about crisis
· By 1922 Nazi Part had 3000 members
· Prussian State Govt made it an illegal organisation
· Hitler was warned privately against coup…read more

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Decline 1924-29
Elections and decline
After the failure of the Munich Putsch, Hitler decided that he would have
to get power by being elected, rather than by rebellion.
· However, he was banned from speaking until 1928.
· The prosperity of the Stresemann years also meant that the Nazi's
message became less appealing and the party lost support.
During this time Hitler set about reorganising the Party. He put in place
many of the things which helped it take power after 1928…read more

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Why did Hitler decide to make these
· Knew if he tried to use violence again and failed he'd be
· At his trial gained attension of wealthy businessman
Hugenberg who offered to finance Nazis. He owned 53
newspapers which he used to publicise the Nazis. 1929 he
bought the largest cinema chain in Ger ­> access to more
publicity…read more

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