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Jenny Hockey & Allison James
Growing up and Growing old…read more

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Meaning of growing old ....
· Is linked with the concept of childhood
· They examined a range of secondary data + their
own ethnographic studies of old people's home.
Examined how the meaning attributes to
childhood and old age lead to differences in
power between difference age group
· Argued that elderly are often compared to
children and treated as if they were children.…read more

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· Being accepted as an individual who is a full
member of society
· This depends on being an adult
· Because- adults are responsible for their
actions and have rights
· Children are not seen as full persons…read more

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· Children should be excluded and separated
from the public
· Seen as lacking rationality of adults
· They are vulnerable and dependent on adults
both for care and protection…read more

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Infantilised old age
· Old age linked to childhood- in the media and
everyday life
· Very old people may jokingly be described as
entering their second childhood or as going
gaga when their memory fades
· Gaga is a noise may be babies who are
completely dependent on the adults around
them…read more

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· Old women seen as little old ladies- who are
harmless but also passive and powerless like
an infant
· Stereotypes make old age appear similar to
childhood- a process called infantilised…read more

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