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500BC ­ Iron Age…read more

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The site
Burial chambers within 1 mound
Evidence of stone walling was found
Believed to be a ceremonial entrance to burial
Chamber very large ­ made from oak timbers
Near mound 2 pits ­ contained workshop debris
from manufacture of grave goods
Large decorated bronze couch
Supported by figurines - female dancers ­ with
metal wheels
Back is decorated with scenes of warriors and 4
wheeled wagons
4 wheeled wagon found within grave ­ chariot…read more

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Traces of textiles and animal hairs found on seat of couch
Either have had padded upholstery or covered by cushions,
blankets or skins
Dead man had gold decorated shoes, gold neck ring and
massive gold bracelets on right arm
Also had gold broach, gold decorated belt, gold dagger sheath
and iron dagger with a gold hilt
Wore conical wooden hat
Had wooden comb and iron razor placed by head
Nail cutter found on cloth pouch on his chest
Head was supported on cushion with aromatic herbs
Great bronze cauldron decorated with lions ­ may have
contained mead
9 decorated drinking horns
On wagon there was a dinner service ­ 3 shallow bronze
bowls and 9 bronze dishes…read more

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Number 9 appears to be important ­ dishes,
drinking horns ­ reflects number of people at a
Greek symposium (party)
Chamber decorated with carpets and textiles
on walls
Man was embalmed before burial ­ body had
lost hair prior to burial and chamber took time
to prepare ­ body was stored
3 other bodies found in mound
Grave 3 ­ near centre ­ only had simple grave
goods ­ may have been servant
Other graves appear to be secondary burials…read more


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