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1911…read more

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In the Sultan of Morocco a rebellion broke out in 1911.With the help of
France it was put down and France saw this as their chance to take Morocco.
France was prepared however to give compensation to countries such as
Germany and Spain who were concerned by France's actions.
The Kaiser sent a gunboat, the Panther, to Agadir, a port on the Atlantic Coast
of Morocco to challenge the French and in the hopes of forcing them to give
Germany a portion of Morocco.
Britain was shocked that Germany would build a naval base at Agadir and
saw it as them challenging their naval supremacy.
Germany's aggressive actions confirmed Britain's fear that Germany would
try to dominate Europe. So Britain's response was to support France over
The two countries also signed a naval agreement that said that Britain
promised to defend the north coast of France if it was attacked from the sea.…read more

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France took over Morocco, governing it with out making it a part
of the French Republic (this is called taking it over as a
Germany was given 100,000 square miles of French Congo in
compensation, most of which was just swamp and jungle.
This crisis was an obvious win for the Entente and especially
Germany, on the other and was again left feeling bitter,
determined not to be the loser next time.…read more


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