AQA History: The Tangier and Agadir Crisis

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Tangier Crisis ­ Moroccan Crisis (1905 ­ 1906)
Morocco was an uncolonised African country and France wanted to add it to its empire.
Kaiser Wilhelm II went to Tangier in 1905 because he overplayed his part to gain control of
Morocco and oppose (be against) France. He: Rode through the streets of Tangier on a
white horse with a military band and Moroccan troops.
This worried France and Britain because Britain had agreed not to oppose France who
intended on gaining morocco. It prevented France from occupying Morocco. Britain was
concerned about Germany's action and began secret military talks with France.
Germany objected to France colonising Morocco, so he demanded an international
conference on Morocco's future.
The Algeciras conference in Spain held in 1906 by Germany. This demonstrates a
stronger relationship between Britain and France. The Entente cordiale was
Britain and Russia supported France.
Germany was forced to back down because of France taking control of the Moroccan
Germany has failed to prevent France from getting a foothold in Morocco and even
worse, the Entente cordiale was strengthened.
Agadir Crisis ­ Second Moroccan Crisis (1911)
The French had sent troops to Fez to put down a rebellion of the ruling of Sultan. This
provoked the Kaiser to send a warship to Agadir. The warship was called the `Panther'
which was a gunboat. Britain was alarmed and worried by Germany's move ­ the British
though they were planning to build an Atlantic naval base and challenge Britain's naval
base at the Gibraltar
Sultan appealed to French for help. Britain supported France.
Britain and France had a secret naval agreement.
France promise to defend Mediterranean. French got control of Morocco because it gave
two strips of land to Germany.
Britain supporting France. Secret naval agreement: Defend the North coast of France.
Germany annoyed with Britain.
Germany sent gunboat. Germany not expected Britain to be interested. Germany felt
humiliated for backing down ­ unlikely next time. Italy opposed Germany over Agadir ­
weakened Triple Alliance. Germany relied more on Austria-Hungary.


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