History: Medicine through time

This is a briliant (teacher recommended) resource if you are taking GCSE AQA History. The topic is mainly Medicine through time. It explores many eras with diffrerent medicines, cures, illnesses and much more. Feel free to download a copy (save) and edit it adding any other useful information. Please do rate this and comment! :) 

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History- Medicine
Health- and the people c1000 to present day........... Slide 2
Medicine improvement throughout history.............Slide 3
What people believed about causes and cures of diseases part 1...........Slide4
What people believed about causes and cures of diseases part 2............Slide 5
Hippocrates theory and Galen's theory............Slide 6
Positives and negatives of Galen's theory...........Slide 7
Lecture Source: Teaching Galen's Theory.............Slide 8
Helping/hindering medicine...............Slide 9
Medieval hospitals..............Slide 10
Islamic Medicine.............Slide 11
The plague (black death)............Slide 12
Medical Renaissance..............Slide 13
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Prehistory: Charms and herbal remedies
were used. Medicine men Table of
treated the sick.
different time
Egyptian Empire: Dead bodies were embalmed
for the afterlife. periods that
Greek Empire: Hippocrates was a famous treated
doctor. He said doctors must do illnesses.
everything to help save life. This
is the Hippocratic oath.
Roman Empire: Public health became very Key:
important during this time.
Middle Ages: The church controlled who = Time period
helped the sick and they were
not open to new ideas.
Medical Renaissance: Renaissance means "rebirth" = Treatment
which was a time when new of illness
discoveries about the body
were made.
Industrial revolution: Scientists and doctors began to
discover germs and a
vaccination for small pox was
20th Century: A free National Health Service
(NHS) was setup. Many cures 2
for diseases were found.…read more

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Medicine improvement throughout history:
Sometimes these The middle Ages- AD 500
affecting factors helped the to 1400:
medicine:" development of The middle ages had
medicine and some medical progress,
sometimes they as well as the setting up
1. Religion
2. War hindered it. of universities and some
3. Chance regress due to the end of
4. Individuals War the Roman empire. In the
5. Government middle ages, the Church
6. Communicator
Progress- When
controlled those who
things develop
7. Education or grow. were allowed to practice
8. Technology Regress- When medicine, and new ideas
things are were not encouraged.
pushed back or
are not allowed
to develop.…read more

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about causes and
cures of diseases :
Supernatural Cures: Part 1 Cures:
· Drilling a hole in your skull · Getting a better diet and
to prevent evil demons. exercise.
· Wearing a charm necklace · Drinking herbal remedies
to warn away evil spirits and like honey and lemon to
bring you luck. sooth a sore throat.
· The planets of Jupiter and · Strapping a chicken to your
Saturn are in a line causing head to keep disease away.
disease. · Wrapping a broken arm in a
· Praying to God as disease mud cast.
is a punishment for sins. · Bleeding (cutting the veins
of a person) to cure them of
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What people believed
about causes and cures
of diseases : People
Part 2
believed that God
· Supernatural- Belief in Gods, had punished you, if you
evils, Ghosts, spirits. had an invisible disease (e.
g. cancer). Another belief,
· Natural- Real, something we
in Greek times, was called
can prove, something that's Hippocrates. This was a
from nature. theory based on natural
3 Beliefs: remedies to cure people`s
diseases, using different
1. Belief in GOD fluids your body is made
up of (yellow bile, black
2. Belief in Hippocrates bile, phlegm and blood).
theory Galen`s theory had taken
this and adapted it
3. Belief in Galen theory slightly.
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Hippocrates theory and Galen's theory:
The 4
bile, black
These are
all natural
cures for
diseases. 6…read more

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This is a great powerpoint exploring different topics of medicine through time. Make sure you rate it on how helpful you thought this was and dont forget to comment! Hope you like it! 

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