Hindu Pilgrimage and Festivals

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Hindu Pilgrimage and Festivals
Hindu's usually go on Pilgrimage to India because this is the base country of the religion.
There are many special sites in North India; around the Himalayas. The four places there are called:
These places are visited by thousand of Hindu Pilgrims every year.
Many also visit the Ganges to bathe at specific times of the year. They do this to clean themselves of
sins and bad karma. They also do this to feel closer to Brahman.
Other places which Hindus visit:
Rivers (especially confluences) and lakes
Hills and mountains
Sites associated with particular deities (often with shrines and murtis there)
Places connected with gurus, saints, and other religious leaders
Towns and villages mentioned in sacred stories
Places considered to be replicas or or gateways to, the higher realms
Places where holy people congregate
Some of the more notable places:
It is probably one of the most famous of all holy places. It is situated on the banks of the Ganges river.
It is also sometimes referred to as Benares and Kashi. It is possible that it is one of the oldest cities in
the world. This city is often associated with the Shiva branch of Brahman. Many Hindus visit Varansi in
hope of achieving liberation. As it is known as for liberation; many corpses are brought there every
year to be cremated then scatter the ashes in the Ganges. They believe that in doing this, it will
release the person's soul.
Mathura and Vrindavana:
This place is also situated near the Ganges. It is most famous as being known as the birth place of
Krishna. Its main temple is the Keshava Deo Mandir, where Radha and Krishna are worshipped. The
entire area is home to many holy sites and twelve sacred forests. It is called Vraj.

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Hindu Pilgrimage and Festivals
Most important is Vrindavan, the village where Krishna lived. It is now a busy town with around five
thousand temples, most are dedicated to Krishna. Many elderly Hindus retire to this sacred town in
the hope of returning at death to the spiritual Vrindavan, where they can achieve Moksha.
Depending on the god's that you worship, depends on what festivals that you celebrate. However,
there are many festivals that most Hindus participate in.…read more

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Hindu Pilgrimage and Festivals
http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/religion/hinduism/diwali.…read more


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