Higher Physics - Unit 3 - p-n junction diode

I created my own revision notes for all units of the Higher Physics course.

These are revision notes for part of the 3rd unit (Radiation and Matter), section 3 (Optoelectronics and Semi-conductors). I've uploaded all the subsections of this section in different files as they are otherwise too large.

p-n junction diode covers:
• What a p-n junction diode is
• How a p-n junction diode is created
• p-n junction diode symbol
• forward biased p-n junction diode
• reverse biased p-n junction diode

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Preview of Higher Physics - Unit 3 - p-n junction diode

First 125 words of the document:

A p-type material is joined to an n-type material:
Electrons drift from n-type to p-type to fill adjacent holes
This creates a depletion layer at the junction with no free charge carriers
The p side of the junction gets a small negative charge and the n side gets a small positive charge, creating a small
voltage barrier against the further drift of charge.
Negative terminal n-type
Positive terminal p-type
Forward bias allows the charge carriers to flow around the circuit ­ THE DIODE CONDUCTS.
Negative terminal p-type
Positive terminal n-type
Reverse bias increases the potential barrier ­ THE DIODE ACTS AS A BLOCK TO CURRENT.


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