Helpful phrases for general conversation in IGCSE French

These are the ones that I wanted to remember (ie. the ones that would help me the most) so it may not have everything that you want. Sorry about that in advance. Just thought it's definitely worth sharing.

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French Speaking: phrases to remember for general conversation
-j'en ai marre = I am fed up
-en train d'(infinitive) = in the middle of...
- j'ai besoin = I need
-signifier/ça signifie = to signify/this signifies
-il manque/il n'y a pas = it lacks/there isn't
-depenser=to spend money
-je ne pouvais pas le trouver = I couldn't find it
-avoir bon goût=to have good taste
-savoir=to know/can (eg. Je sais lire=I can read)
-mélanger=to mix
-éternuer=to sneeze
-il vaut mieux (+infinitive)=it's better to...
-rendre visite à=to pay a visit to (someone) [can't say "je visite mon père"]
-c'est la honte=it's shameful
-ça çraint=it sucks
-ça me fait peur=it scares me
-éteindre (la lumière)=to switch off (the lights)
-une experience inoubliable=an unforgettable experience
-malgré ça/par contre=on the other hand
-bienque=even though
-désormais=from now on
-ça m'étonne que=it surprises me that
-d'ailleurs=by the way
-grâce à...=thanks to...(positive)
-jusqu'à (present)=until (recently)
-d'habitude/seulement/[plus] souvent=usually/only/[more] often
-je dois m'occuper de...=I have to take care of...(person)
-mon stage=my work experience
-ça me plait de (infinitive)=it pleases me to (do something)
-je ne peux pas supporter=I can't stand...(eg. my brother)
-à côté de...=next to...
-je partage=I share
-si j'avais l'opportunité= if I had the opportunity...
-mes affaires scolaires=school fees
-pleuvoir=to rain
-on a dû aller=we had to go

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I snack (unhealthily)
-j'aime like neither...nor...
-j'en fais (deux fois par semaine)=I do it (twice a week)
-c'est pas mon truc=it's not my thing
-[une chemise] à la mode=fashionable [blouse]
-ça me donne confiance=it gives me confidence
-pour améliorer les problèmes, on pourrait...=to improve the problems, we could...
-ils doivent apprendre que...=they need to learn that...…read more



This document is a collection of useful phrases that will add that little bit of extra interest to your speaking examination and make you sound much more authentic. Very helpful for those students aiming at the higher grades and wanting to make themselves stand out!

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