CGPwned: Your Cambridge IGCSE Music Notes!

This revision guide contains the following:

  • Notes on Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony
  • A few short notes on Western Classical Music
  • Notes on minimalism, serialism, electronic music...etc
  • Includes several composers you might meet in the CIE exam
  • Music from Latin America, Africa, India, Japan and China
  • Notes on common composition forms
  • Notes on texture
  • A comprehensive glossary of terms
  • And more! :)



When music and CGP books get pwned...

Update #1: Fixed some errors, typos and added 'march'music as well as a more elaborate 'minuet and trio' section

Update #2: Added more on latin american music, 20th century styles (like impressionism and neo-classicism), western classical music

Update #3: Added a section on tango, and 3 pages of condensed notes on the Pastoral Symphony

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  • Created on: 14-03-12 12:36




Fantastic! It would be great to have an updated version to reflect the current syllabus...