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Healthy Diet Healthy You
An easy guide to keep teens like
you eating what you need…read more

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What is a diet made up of?
All the food that we eat is split into different
groups, which all have their own use in the
body. There are 6 main food groups:
· Carbohydrates
· Fats (Lipids)
· Protein
· Vitamins
· Minerals
· Water…read more

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The Eatwell Plate
The Eatwell Plate tells you roughly how
much of each food group you should have
per day.…read more

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Carbohydrates are mostly used for energy release, which is the main
product that the body needs. According to the Eatwell Plate, at least a 1/3
of your diet should be made up of carbs. Carbohydrates consist of three
main food types:
· Starch ­ Low-release energy food, which means it keeps you full for
longer. These are especially good for athletes. Starch examples are rice,
pasta, etc.
· Sugar ­ Can appear in three different forms: Milk sugars (lactose);
extrinsic sugars, which appear in processed foods and begin to be
absorbed in the mouth ­ main cause of tooth decay; and intrinsic sugars,
which are found in organic products such as fruit and aren't digested until
they reach the stomach.
· Fibre ­ Plant material that is un-digestable and stimulates mucus
production in the intestines, which helps keep you "regular"! Also, a diet
high in fibre means a reduced risk of bowel cancer. Fibre is mostly found
in fruits and vegetables.…read more

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Lipids (fats) are often seen as being "bad for you", but a
small amount of the right lipids are actually very
healthy! The Eatwell Plate states that about 1/7 of
your diet should be lipids. Lipids can appear in two
· Fats ­ These are the unhealthy ones, as they are
saturates. They are normally solid at room
temperature and can be found in foods such as butter,
lard, processed food.
· Oils ­ These are the healthier ones as they are
unsaturated. They are liquid at room temperature and
examples include vegetable oil, olive oil, etc.…read more

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Proteins are essential for muscle growth and
repair, which is why most bodybuilders
have "protein shakes" to help them build
more muscle. Proteins can be found in
meats, dairy products and in pulses
(beans, seeds, nuts). According to the
Eatwell Plate, about a 1/6 of your diet
should be proteins.…read more

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