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2013 Human Biology Empa- "You will investigate the vitamin concentration of fruit juice. You will also need to know about links between life style and disease."

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What vitamin would you find in fruit juice, and what is it's function in the body?
Vitamin C. Antioxidant, needed for the production of collagen in connective tissue.
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What deficiency does a lack of Vitamin C cause?
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Which Vitamin enters the body through UV rays (Sunlight)?
Vitamin D.
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Why do we need fibre in our diet?
Make the absorption of carbohydrates slower, reducing insulin release. Also increases feeling of 'fullness' reducing overeating which can lead to obesity or sometimes colon cancer.
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Define Glycaemic Index.
Tells you how much glucose a food contains and how quickly it will be released. The 'sugariness' of it compared to glucose.
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When an additive has an E number what does it mean?
It has passed safety tests and has been approved for use throughout the European Union
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What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?
Type 1- Cannot produce any insulin. Born with it. Type 2-Their body has stopped responding to insulin. Developed due to an unhealthy lifestyle.
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What is an Atheroma?
A fatty deposit that builds up inside the wlal of ateries. Can lead to strokes or heart attacks
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Why can an Atheroma lead to Angina?
The lumen of the artery becomes much narrower, reducing the amount of blood passing through and reducing the oxygen supply which causes the severe chest pain during exercise known as Angina.
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Define an anurysm.
The pressure of the blood causing the weak artery wall to balloon out and eventually rupture causing a haemorrhage. This results in serious internal bleeding and is usually fatal.
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True or False: Children have a higher BMR(basal metabolic rate) than adults.
TRUE. Children have a higher BMR as they are growing and developing rapidly.
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True or False: Peope with a higher body mass have a lower BMR
FALSE. People with a higher body mass have a higher BMR because they have more respiring tissue.
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What are intrinsic/ extrinsic sugars?
Intrinsic: Sugars contained within the cells of food. e.g. sugars withing the cells of an apple/ banana. Extrinsic: Not contained inside cells. E.g. sugars in processed food, chocolate, fizzy drinks. Most likely to lead to tooth decay.
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How do you work out the Glycaemic Load of food?
Glycaemic load=carbohydrate content of food (g) x (GI of food/100)
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Is it healthy to cut carbohydrates out of your diet?
No. Because these diets are often high in fats, and redicing carbohydrate consumption means people may not eat enough fibre.
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Explain why a portion of brown rice has a lower GL than a portion of white rice?
Brown rice contains more fibre, and fibre means carbohydrates are digested and absorbed more slowly.
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Suggest why a pregnant woman might need a vitamin supplement?
They need extra vitamins to provide for the growing foetus.
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What do biologists mean by a 'healthy gut flora'?
A population of different bacteria which do not cause disease, and may contribute to health by releasing useful compounds and competing with harmful bacteria that get into the gut.
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What is vitamin K used for?
Used by the liver to make thrombin, an enzyme needed in blood clotting
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Give three ways the body loses water?
Sweating, breathing out, urine & faeces.
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What is an isotonic sports drink?
A drink with the same water potentia; as blood plasma. It contains salts, water, and sugar.
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Describe the structure of a triglyceride?
A glycerol molecule with three fatty acids attached.
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What is a placebo?
Drug must seem the same in appearance, and administration. But will be totally unaffective. A control variable.
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The independant variable is...?
The one you change!
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What are statins?
A drug used to lower blood cholestrol levels.
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Why do we need fibre in our diet?


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